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I've created a professional 7-minute video that illustrates the devastating consequences suffered by my family because I didn't “Check the Box!” on disability income - a mistake that cost me literally everything. My battle with cancer, epilepsy and a massive stroke was only the beginning.

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Communicate the importance of disability income through insurance company’s, agents and brokers to help save lives of future clients.​​​​​​​​​​
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Check the Box!
by Roger Sweaney
At the age of 35, all was going great. I was a happy, healthy, and successful man. I had a stable six-figure job, a beautiful wife, two kids, an attractive home and many friends. Then my life went to pieces.​​​​​​​​​

In 2003, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. While surgery successfully removed those tumors, it resulted in me getting epileptic seizures. A subsequent surgery to correct the seizures produced a stroke, causing paralysis in one arm and partial
blindness. The stroke didn’t just cause me to lose a limb and partial blindness I lost my job, my financial security and most importantly my family.

All of this happened because I failed to purchase long-term disability insurance. Unfortunately, that is an all-too-common mistake. Most people don’t comprehend what it’s like to have their lives unexpectedly stripped from them.

I have made it my mission to educate people on the importance of thinking long-term and protecting their assets.

I want to thank you for reading my story.

I didn’t have just one medical crisis; I had three –cancer, epilepsy and a stroke. However, today I am happy, healthy and alive. In the ten years since my odyssey began I’ve learned my purpose in life is to help other people--others like me facing a medical crisis. The smallest kindness can make the biggest difference to a person with cancer. I know because I was that person.
     “Roger, I just viewed your site and the videos. It is hard to imagine all that you have been through and all that you have accomplished along the way and are accomplishing now. It seemed at every turn the odds were stacked against you, yet you persevered. Simply amazing. You should write a book. It would be a privilege to help you in any way that I could Roger. When you have time, I would also like to hear about your life now. With best personal regards.” - Leon Janssen, Owner at Leon P Janssen LLC, Former GE Healthcare Manager

“Thanks for sharing you story with me. As soon as I could I got a hold of my insurance provide to make sure my employees & myself were cover properly for long term disability. Making sure of proper coverage is best done before you need it. I hope your message gets out to everyone so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference.” Cal Colpitts, Rocky Mtn Coring & Cutting, Calgary, AB Canada
    “Wow ~ what a journey you have been on! It is inspirational... so inspirational, Roger. Good for you. And good for you for giving back. I'm so glad that you are finding purpose on the path, which is so significant for the soul. Keep the faith and keep making a difference. Blessings to you!” - Tesha Urban former Market Communications & Corporate Communication GE Healthcare

“I just watched the videos and read some of the articles.
Roger you have a strong spirit of love of life. Despite of the repeatedly nightmares you had gone thru, your still standing tall. Roger your a truly tough fighter! I look forward for the chance of meeting you.” - Jackie Tong Managing Director Travelux Limited, Hong Kong

My Story

Chapter One: Cancer
The dizzy spells started in 2003. After a particularly bad seizure, I knew something was wrong. I was 35 years old, had two beautiful kids, a career-defining job…and was scared to death. The doctors laid out my new reality: I had a golf ball-sized tumor on the left side of my brain that was clearly malignant. It had to come out fast. Luckily for me, the tumor was operable and doctors took out what they could. After six weeks of radiation and 17 cycles of chemotherapy I finally started to feel like myself again. Eleven years later, I consider myself a lucky guy. My cancer remains in remission. More than 200,000 Americans a year are diagnosed with brain cancer and most are gone within eighteen months. I had beaten the Grim Reaper and thought my life could finally go back to normal. Man, was I wrong.

Chapter Two: Epilepsy
Remember the old joke about the cure being worse than the ailment? Although I was grateful to be alive, the surgery set off a series of epileptic seizures that medication couldn’t control. The same doctor who had taken out the brain tumor wanted to perform surgery one more time. By implanting mesh netting into the part of my brain where the seizures started, he thought there was a fairly good chance we could get rid of them forever. It was more than a fairly good chance, in fact – they thought the chances for success were roughly 98 percent. They would even use the same incision mark where they had gone in initially. Being a CPA by trade (a “numbers guy”), I drifted off into the fog of anesthesia knowing that if the doctors were right, I could be headed back to work in a month. Man, were they wrong. 

Chapter Three: The Stroke
To be fair, the doctors warned me that by agreeing to this surgery there was a slight risk of a stroke during the procedure. The most frightening moment was when I woke up from the surgery. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move and I had no idea what had happened. My family and friends were holding my hands while the doctors explained that I had suffered a major stroke. Gradually, most of the post-stroke symptoms faded. It took more than 500 sessions of physical, speech and occupation therapy but today I walk, talk and do many of the activities I did prior to the surgeries. Dozens of medical professionals contributed to making me a medical miracle and every day I thank them for the fact I’m still alive. I am alive and ready to help. Help you. Help your family. Help your neighbor.

Chapter Four: Now What?
Unfortunately, my life story isn’t a sappy Hollywood movie with a happy ending. The last nine years have brought an avalanche of problems. I nearly died several times. I lost my job, I lost my house, I lost my kids’ college savings accounts. I lost it all. But what I got in return was a life’s purpose. I’ve been to the deepest, darkest places any person can go. But even though life did it’s best to knock me down and out permanently, I got back up and dusted myself off again and again. Now that you know my story, I want to hear yours. Let’s meet. I’ll talk with two people or two hundred. I want to help you find the right answer to protect yourself and your family. You call, I’ll answer. That’s all it takes to start the conversation.
   “I was the All-American guy. Perfect job, beautiful family, great income and then it was all gone. Learn from my story how to protect your family”   Roger Sweaney, Survivor and Life Coach
My meeting in boardroom's is where clients, agents, brokers and members of the public can meet with me. I meet here to discuss how disability insurance  saves people.