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I've created a professional 7-minute video that illustrates the devastating consequences suffered by my family because I didn't “Check the Box!” on disability income - a mistake that cost me literally everything. My battle with cancer, epilepsy and a massive stroke was only the beginning.

Roger Sweaney or 414.581.1908
Communicate the importance of disability income through insurance company’s, agents and brokers to help save lives of future clients.​​​​​​​​​​
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What’s the Process of Booking Brad to Be Our Business Speaker?
Once you decide on Brad our job is to make everything easy. Once you’ve decided, we’ll….

• Send you a super simple letter of agreement.

• As much – or as little – supporting promotional material as you need. (Photos and descriptions. Continuing education documents. Articles and videos for promoting your meeting. Whatever it is you want we will get it for you.)

• H all of the travel. Easy!business-speaker-2

• Introduction, AV info, & any details you need.

• What’s a “prima donna,” but one thing is clear: Brad isn’t one. You’ll love working with him.

Brad will show up with plenty of time to spare. He will make you look great in front of your people and your internal clients. Your audience will love him. The easiest part of your meeting is Brad.

We love our meeting planners. Our commitment to you is to be the easiest and most straightforward portion of the meeting. You will handle hundreds of details and problems. Brad won’t be one of them.


Brad Will Customize His Presentation for Your Audience.

• We’ll’ set up a call with you and Brad. (And your team if you like.) Brad will want to learn about your peeps!

Customization makes the keynote on-target and relevant.

We Make it Easy For You!
Brad has worked VERY hard to be a business speaker business speakerwho knows how to deliver content that will make a difference. But way more than that he knows how to surprise your audience. He knows that your people crave a business speaker who can excite, inspire, and engage.

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