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I've created a professional 7-minute video that illustrates the devastating consequences suffered by my family because I didn't “Check the Box!” on disability income - a mistake that cost me literally everything. My battle with cancer, epilepsy and a massive stroke was only the beginning.

Roger Sweaney or 414.581.1908
Communicate the importance of disability income through insurance company’s, agents and brokers to help save lives of future clients.​​​​​​​​​​
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Embrace Your Awesomeness — A Motivational Speaker On Meeting Your Potential

Your People Need To Be: Motivational-speaker-awesome

• Told they are awesome.
• Empowered to do their best
• Understand they personally make a difference
• Told their potential for awesomeness is greater than they think.

If Your People Understand their Potential, They’ll …

• Be better employees. More productive. More creative. More responsible.
• Be better leaders.
• Be more productive.
• Deliver better customer service (Internal & External.)
• Take personal responsibility for moving their work, their organizations, and their clients (or patients!) forward.
• Take ownership.

I Do it That Way… Because I Always Done It That Way

Yeah… and how’s that working for you? Change is part of the landscape, and it’s scary, complicated and difficult. Your people are capable of amazing things, including with gracefully dealing with the new ways. But they don’t always know it. They need you. And they need encouragement.

Why Invest In This Type Of Motivational Speaker?
1. You want your people to take ownership. But them feel that they are part of something. Get the most out of them.
2. Motivation. They know what to do and how to do it but are not doing it. Why? Lack of motivation.
3. Your people are awesome. Isn’t it time they know it, embrace it, and act on it?

Ok! It’s time. Get on it!
Call us now to chat for a free consultation about how Brad can partner with you to get the most out of your team in this very funny, very inspiring, and very motivating keynote! 303.691.0726
Why Motivational Speakers? Why Brad Montgomery?

Your people know what needs to be done, and mostly they know how to do it. But they are not doing it.motivational-speaker-1 What’s the problem? It’s motivation. They don’t have it.

Your people are capable of so much more than what you are seeing. They are capable of more than they can guess. But they need a bit of help to let that awesomeness out. Your people are sometimes afraid and fearful. They are anxious and worried. They need some help to access their potential.

In this program, motivational speaker Brad doesn’t motivate them…he simply helps to remove some of the factors that prevent them from motivating themselves. We all have amazing surprises within us. Brad helps us to let them out to share with the world.

Sometimes We Don’t Act. We Don’t Decide. We Don’t Take Charge?

It’s normal. It’s pretty common. But it’s not necessary. After Brad reminds them of just how awesome they are, they’ll leave the event ready to rock the world. To take responsibility. To excel. To make things happen.motivational-speaker

Roger Sweaney is one of the top motivational speakers — heck, he’s even in the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame (which is a big deal. Trust us. It’s not an easy thing to do.) He helps people to get the best out of themselves and those people around them. He helps people to reach their peak — to reach their potential. He helps people to Embrace Their Awesomeness.

Ready to ignite your audience?  To get them buzzin’ and rockin’ and ready to take on the world? Give us a call and we’ll talk about how specifically Roger will design a program just for you.