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I've created a professional 7-minute video that illustrates the devastating consequences suffered by my family because I didn't “Check the Box!” on disability income - a mistake that cost me literally everything. My battle with cancer, epilepsy and a massive stroke was only the beginning.

Roger Sweaney or 414.581.1908
Communicate the importance of disability income through insurance company’s, agents and brokers to help save lives of future clients.​​​​​​​​​​
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Why This Motivational Speaker?

Because You Need to Get the Most Out of Yourself. And Your Team.

Engaged, content and purposeful individuals (ok, let’s just say it: happy people) perform better in every business metric. Happier individuals collaborate better, innovate better, are more accurate, more healthy, are more easily retained and are more resilient. Happier organizations are stronger, more profitable and more productive. People and organizations who strategically invest in happiness rule. Not convinced? Just ask the folks at Zappos, Harvard, and

How much time, profits and productivity has your company lost because they are not able to perform to their potential? It’s time to boost your employees’ value, engage your workers, and create company-wide commitment. Let Brad Montgomery guide your organization to greater performance, productivity and value.

Now is the time to invest in your people. There’s no better way to do so than by investing in their happiness. Now is the time for a Hall of Fame Speaker to help you get to where you need to be.
Because You Don’t Want A Canned & Tired Speaker

Your Audience Craves Something Fresh, Authentic and Genuine

Brad is a master speaker who also happens to be a very deep thinker about how to get your organization where it needs to be. Oh yeah, did we mention he’s funny? Very funny.

Brad’s been at this game a long time. He’s won awards. He is absolutely, totally guaranteed. (No, we aren’t kidding.)

Is he a business speaker or a happiness speaker? Why not both? Brad is a business speaker and a happiness expert. But he got his start years ago as a comedian & magician. No, he doesn’t do card tricks (though you’d love ‘em!). The point is that he understands how to command the stage. He knows how to hold the audience in the palm of his hand. He knows how to use humor and stories to support his points. He isn’t an entertainer, but he’s smart enough and experienced enough to know that if a keynote doesn’t have a framework of entertainment, they won’t listen. Let’s say it this way: he’s a business speaker who is REALLY great at connecting to and engaging your audience. And yeah, his clients say he is really funny.

If you think top motivational speakers should understand the importance of engaging your conference audience – and you should! – then Just Book Brad.
Funny Motivational Speakers? Why?

Only if you want them to listen. Brad is one of the most authentic, genuine and fun motivational speakers out there …which makes his message stick. It’s funny, high-energy, interactive, and very effective. Oh, and clients from Microsoft to MillerCoors don’t say he’s funny. They say he is REALLY funny.

He is a Lot More than Just A Motivational Speaker

Roger is Committed to Help Make Your Entire Event a Success

Most of our clients ask us to create an “experience.” Sometimes — besides doing the keynote — Brad will be a master of ceremonies. He’ll do team building and networking sessions. He’ll work with leadership. He’ll host your panel. We call him a “Meeting Energizer” which means he works with you to make sure your people (and your internal customers) are absolutely thrilled.

Roger's a top keynote speaker for all audiences, but he’s especially powerful in certain industries– Healthcare Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, & Education Speaker.

Contact Roger today for a free consultation to learn how to take your meeting from good to great.